Tripod assembly with a pulley, hoisting and lowering arrangements-4 Sets.  
  Casing pipes of  100mm, 150mm and 200 mm dia  
  Boring Equipment-Post hole augers, 100mm diameter with extension rods with iron and wooden clamps.  
  Standard Penetration Test Equipments:  
  Drill rods having stiffness of  A rods and 1.5 m long each upto 50m depth.  
  Centering guide for keeping drill rods vertical  
  Drive weight assembly consisting of  
  (a) Guide rod with driving head-3 Nos.  
  (b) Hammer of 65 kg. Weight-3 Nos.  
  Thin walled sampling tubes of 38,60,75 and 100 mm dia about 5 Dozens.  
  Split spoon samplers  
  50 mm cones for Dynamic Cone Penetration Test-6 Nos.  
  Plate Load Test steel grooved plates of different sizes.  
  Hydraulic Jack and Pump-capacity 25 tons.  
  Dial gauges and Datum bar, Dial gauge stands.  
  Packing columns of different sizes.  
  Kentledge facilities for reaction loading.  
  Miscellaneous such as measuring tape, trowels, spades, pick axes, sealing wax, observation sheets, polythene bags, pipe wrenches, chain wrenches, Drill rods clamp, jute and steel ropes etc.  
  Earth Resistivity Test Apparatus  
  1. Consolidation Apparatus with Complete Assembly  
  2. Triaxial shear Testing apparatus.  
  Two Triaxial Cell (complete with all components)
Motorised System to apply load corresponding to 8 speeds.
Foot pumps for generating cell pressure.
Self compensating Mercury control device for applying and maintaining constant cell pressure
  3. Unconfined compressive strength apparatus with complete assembly  
  4. Electrical Direct shear test apparatus.  
  &5. Variable Head Permeability apparatus  
  6. Constant Head Permeability apparatus  
  7. Proving rings with dial gauges of various capacities.  
  8. Universal sample extractors  
  9. Split moulds for collecting samples out of sample extractors  
  10. Grain Size distribution apparatus – Hydrometer and pipette method.  
  11. I.S. Sieves : 100mm, 80mm, 63mm, 50mm, 26.5mm, 22.4mm, 19mm, 13.2mm, 11.2mm, 6.7mm, 5.6mm, 4.75mm, 2.8mm, 2.36mm, 1.18mm, 0.600mm, 0.300mm, 0.212mm,       0.18mm, 0.15mm, 0.094mm, 0.075 m, lid and pan.  
  12. Motorised Sieve shaker  
  13. Liquid Limit Apparatus with grooving tools-Motorised and Hand Operated  
  14. Plastic Limit Test Apparatus  
  15. Shrinkage Limit Set Apparatus  
  16. Drying ovens with thermostatic control and Muffle Furnace.  
  17. Electronic/Digital Balances  
  18. Physical balances with Analytical weight Box of 100 gms and 2000 gms.  
  19. Standard Proctor Compaction Test Apparatus.  
  20. Modified Proctor Compaction Test Apparatus.  
  21. Proctor Needle spring type.  
  22. Relative Density Test apparatus.  
  23. C.B.R. test apparatus for unsoaked and soaked conditions for design of flexible road pavements-40 Nos.  
  24. Core cutters with Dolly for D.B.D.-15 Nos.  
  25. Sand Replacement apparatus for Insitu Density.  
  26. Marshall test Apparatus Mould.  
  27. Pycnometer, Specific Gravity Density Bottles.  
  28. Sampling tins for moisture and sand content.  
  29. Pinhole test Apparatus.  
  30. Double hydrometer Test Apparatus.  
  31. Crumb Test Apparatus.  
  32. Necessary glass apparatus and chemical for testing of exchangeable ions and the presence of deleterious salts in soil (like SO4, CI, CO3, etc.)  
  33. All chemical reagents for analysis suitability of water for curing and construction purpose.  
  34. Chlorpyrifos content by Kjeldanl Method  
  35. Vicat Apparatus with plunger and needles for consistency and setting time of cement.  
  36. Lechatelier Air Permeability for soundness of cement.  
  37. Blain’s Air permeability apparatus for specific surface area of cement.  
  38. IS Sieve for fineness by dry sieving.  
  39. Standard Sands for making 3”x3”x3” cubes  
  40. Cube moulds various numbers  
  41. Mechanical Hydraulic Compressible strength test machine of 100 tons capacity  
  42. All chemicals and glass apparatus for chemical analysis of cement sand mortar and cement concrete samples.  
  43. Miscellaneous apparatus like cylinders, towel, spatulas, saw, spanners, files, cube, moulds, wash bottles, dessicator etc.  
  44. 2 Nos. balance of 5 kg. Capacity each with different weights ranging from 50 gram to 5 kg.  
  45. Hot Plates  
  46. Bitumen tests apparatus.  
  (a) Penetration Test  
  (b) Softening point test (Ring & ball method)  
  (c) Bitumen extractor.  
  (d) Ductility Test  
  (e) viscosity etc.  
  47. Aggregate Tests  
  (a) Crushing value of test apparatus  
  (b) Impact test  
  (c) Flakiness and Elongation test  
  (d) Soundness apparatus  
  (e) Stripping value test apparatus  
  (f) Water absorption  
  (g) Specific Gravity  
  (h) Ten Percent Fine value test etc.  
  48. Concrete Mix Design Apparatus  
  49. Flush Door/MDF/Shutters test apparatus  
  50. Plywood shutter Apparatus.  
  51. Testing kit for paving Asphalts as per IS requirements.  
  52. Testing kit for Bituminous Emulsions as per IS requirements.  
  53. Marshall stability test Apparatus for design of Asphaltic concrete and Dense Bituminous Macadam, mixes as per MOST/IRC requirements.  
  54. Testing Apparatus for Design of Granular Sub-base, Wet Mixes as per MOST/IRC requirements.  
  55. Test Apparatus for determining relative degree of field compaction of road sub-grade.  
  56. Modulus of sub-grade Reaction K-value test Apparatus as per IS requirements.  
  57. Benkelman’s Beam Apparatus for deflection test on existing pavements for strengthening or Design of overlay as per IS code.  
  58. Universal Testing Machine for Physical Tests of steel bars samples and other M.S. Sections.  
  59. Chemical analysis of steel samples and other M.S. sections.  
  60. Testing Apparatus for Marble, Kota Stone and Sand Stone .  
  61. Apparatus for testing of Terazzo tiles /Chequered tiles.  
  62. Apparatus for testing of Glazed tiles.  
  63. Apparatus for testing thickness of Anodic Coating on Aluminium Sections  
  64. Apparatus for testing of G.I. Barbed wire.  
  65. Apparatus for testing of Water proofing Compound.  
  66. Apparatus for testing G.I. Sheets.  
  67. Testing of Compressive Strength by 200 t digital electronic compression testing machine.  
  68. Hydrostatic Pressure Test Apparatus