I   SOIL MECHANICS: Drilling of bore-hole and soil testing for bearing capacity for all types of structures as per B.I.S. specifications, Standard Penetration Test, Dynamic Cone Penetration Test, Plate Load Test, Modulus of sub-grade Reaction (K-Value), California Bearing Ratio (CBR), Compaction Test, Dynamic Testing. All Laboratory Tests like Direct Shear, Consolidation, Triaxial Compression, Unconfined Compression Strength, Permeability, Bulk Densities, Atterberg Limits, Specific Gravity, Grain Size Analysis, Moisture Content, Organic Matter, In-situ Permeability Tests, Dispersion Tests.

II   ROCK MECHANICS: Study of Rock Core samples, R.Q.D., unconfined compressive strength, Rock Triaxial Compression Strength for ‘f’ and ‘c’ joints, fissures, fractures, bedding planes, faults, petrography, classification, allowable bearing capacity.

III   MATERIAL TESTING: Universal Testing Machine 200 kN facility, Testing of Steel for Tensile, Elongation, Yield Strength, Bend Test, Zinc Coating/Galvanizing, Anodic Coating, Oxidizing. Cement, Concrete/Mix design, Compressive Strength, Aggregates: Impact Test, Flakiness Index, FM, Bulkage, Bitumen & Mix Formula. Bricks for Water Absorption, Compressive Strength, Efflorescence, Dimension Test. Tiles for Water Absorption, Crazing, Impact Test, Chemical Resistance Test. Marble/Kota for Water Abs
orption, Hardness, Specific Gravity. Wood, Flush Door Shutter, Particle/Ply Boards, M.D.F. Board/Shutter. Testing of Water and Soils for Sulphates and Chlorides, PH Value, Total Soluble Solids, Hammer Rebound Test, C.G.I./P.G.I. Sheets for Single Spot and Triple Spot Test, S.W. & RCC Pipes; water for construction purposes and potability.

IV   EARTH RESISTIVITY for electrical sub stations and transmission lines.

V   HYDROGEOLOGICAL DATA: Assessment of ground water potential, exploration, development and management of water resources. Chemical and Bacteriological Analysis of Water samples.

VI   PHYSICAL SURVEYING: Road Survey & Topographic, Contour Survey, Site Plans

  All the necessary relevant tests for Foundation Investigation, Sub-Grade Investigation, Geo-Technical Investigation, Material Testing Works and all other tests in the field and in the laboratory are carried out in our well-equipped laboratory reinforced with all the relevant field and lab equipments. We have a team of experts to scrutinise and analyse the results with the help of in-house advanced computer facility available with us.  
  The Vision  
  Our vision and goal is to become a leading Test House based in India but which provides its services across the world. We intend to achieve enviable position in the field of Earth Science and Geotechnical parlance.  
  The Team  
  We have a dedicated and experienced team of consultants, field/laboratory technicians housed in this unit. Chief consultant has experience of more than 18 years besides other staff as well.  Our Firm was established on the auspicious day of Krishan Janamashtmi (August), 1986 as a Proprietorship Firm.  The strength of firm is its ideology which is to provide quality service to its clients within the time committed to their satisfaction.